Leaving Thailand

Today I leave Thailand. The past twelve days I have spent in Thailand, not as a Peace Corps Volunteer, but as a tourist.

As many of you know, I ended my Peace Corps service last month. I have been meaning to post an update about it, but as you can imagine, my few weeks at home were very busy seeing friends and family that I hadn’t seen since last year.

I know some have been curious as to why I left the Peace Corps. The short version of that is the following: I got sick. My stomach simply could not handle the food in my village. I didn’t know why when it happened, and I still don’t know why now. The initial trip to the hospital in Bangkok caused a series of events that eventually led to me leaving. (If you want the long story, shoot me a message!) Leaving Peace Corps early was never something I envisioned for myself, and I struggled with the decision quite a bit. I spent weeks..rather, months..seeking advice from family, friends, former Peace Corps Volunteers, even blogs online. I was scared that I would regret leaving, that I would get home and think, “I should have stuck it out!”

Now it has been just over six weeks since I left, and I can confidently say that leaving was the right choice for me.

Thailand will always hold a special place in my heart, and overall I am so grateful to have had the experience of spending six months living here.

A question I’ve gotten a lot is, “Now what?” Will I pursue a job in engineering, my undergraduate degree? Will I go back to school? Will I end up living at home, unemployed indefinitely?

Well, for now, I don’t know. What I do know is I’m about to embark on my first international solo trip and I’m really excited about it! I’m going to spend the next three weeks backpacking through Europe…And then maybe I’ll figure things out after that.

Maybe I will keep this blog going to write about my experiences during my travels, but for now, thanks everyone for following along during my journey in Thailand! ❤


One of the many bars on Sukhumvit Soi 11


Traditional Thai dancers at the Jim Thompson house in Bangkok


The Grand Palace in Bangkok


The ancient ruins of Ayutthaya



Daniel Thaiger- best burgers in Bangkok


Wat Palad- a quiet temple in the mountains of Chiang Mai


Hiking through Doi Suthep National Park


Happy Elephant Home near Chiang Mai

I highly recommend going to a non-riding elephant sanctuary!


Chiang Mai


Bangkok bike tour- I highly recommend this!


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